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A Transport List for animals  in need, especially ex-puppy mill dogs needing to get to their forever homes.


Notification of Lost Animals, DNA's and request's for a home check.

We are the largest rescue transport group on the web.

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The info below will tell you WHY you need to know who you are driving for and where

dogs are being sent.

Engineers, don't just sign up to help on a transport without doing your homework first. Gone are the days where you can volunteer to drive (in blind faith) on any transport that just happens to land in your inbox.

If you are considering driving on a transport, make sure you know who the coordinator is. If you don't recognize their name, ask around. Dig up information. Google their name and email address. You want to make sure you are driving for a reputable coordinator - one with integrity, not some fly-by-night person posing as a coordinator who is going to use you to unwittingly help send dogs into unthinkable situations. Find out who this "coordinator" is - the rescue world is a small world - everybody knows everyone or at least knows about them. ASK AROUND before signing up to drive.

also emergency and Risky transports.....



DO NOT drive a transport for an unaltered dog to a private adopter.

DO NOT drive a transport for a dog going to a rescue that you have heard questionable things about.

DO NOT drive a transport for a coordinator that other coordinators warn you about.

Everyone wants to help a shelter dog, but please ask yourself if such a move is truly in the best interest of the animal. As cruel as it sounds, there really is a fate much worse than euthanasia in a shelter.

All the details of a responsible transport should be available to the volunteer drivers to protect them from helping a dog into a fate worse than death.

^^^Thank you to Sheri Jackson for this valuable advice^^^


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